My student

My student

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Little More Writing

A couple of Sundays ago at breakfast I navigated to the alphabet on Lucy's Tobii so she could do some writing if she wanted to. Here is everything she wrote:

The day before this we had gone to a cheerleading event that my niece, Sierra, organized for her senior project and all proceeds went to for research. So Lucy saw and talked to Izzy on Saturday and then did her best to spell her name on Sunday! This was the first time I could tell she was trying to spell a specific word all in her own. I also highlighted the words she spelled, whether intentionally or not, as she was exploring the alphabet. She was doing a great job learning to use the "space" button as well. 

I'm not sure why Lu prefers this set up of an alphabet as opposed to them all being on the same page at one time. I made her an alphabet page like that also:

I modified this one from a a keyboard that was already available on Lu's Tobii, but she seldom stays in it long before going back to her home page, but she stays in the alphabet that is in her PODD in the Grid2 for quite some time. She is never stuck in either and knows how to stop writing if she wants to, so it seems like she enjoys it! Through her own exploration and some guidance and help from me, as well as literacy education of course, I think Lu will be writing plenty of words someday!