My student

My student

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Last Saturday we went on a great outing with some great friends. Chad, Lucy, and I met my good friend Erin, and her three sweet little boys, Miles, Chase, and Isaac for lunch at Eat N Park and then a visit to Discovery Space, a little science center at Penn State. Lunch was great. Lu didn't use the menu I had made on her Tobii to order for herself, but from practicing for a few days beforehand, I knew she either wanted macaroni and cheese or a cheeseburger, so with yes and no she still got to choose what she wanted. She was very excited to see her friends and was too distracted to order. Miles, Erin's oldest son immediately planted himself beside Lucy's wheelchair, as close as he could get. All three boys just talk to her like they should, like she is just any other little girl. It is so very sweet. All three of them brought Lucy a card they had made for her:
The big one is from Miles, in case it's hard to see, he wrote, "I hope all your wishes come troo". That's obviously a portrait of Princess Lucy. I don't know how long ago it was that Erin started reading parts of my blog to the boys, but after hearing about Lucy, they just wanted to meet her and be her friend and I'm so grateful to them for that. 

Here we are at the science center. If you look closely on her Tobii, Lu had commented that the boys were silly. 

And here are Lucy and Miles digging for bones. 

I wish that we saw Lucy's friends more often, but life is busy for everyone and it is hard to get together. I'm just glad that she has several sets of friends and relatives in her life that value her and her friendship  just as they are. I'm happy for the quality of their friendship and will take that over quantity any day.

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